Due to time constraints I have had to backbench weddings but I thought I would post a few of my favorite shots over the years.

Sunset reception

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Nicole and Dwain’s Wedding

March 3, 2012

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Tarynne and Mark’s Wedding

June 23, 2012

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Morant Point Lighthouse Flickr Trip: Return of the landscape photographer

I recently went on a field trip with the Flickr Jamaica group of photographers. It is always a lot of fun and I encourage any photographer or aspiring photographer to attend their trips if you can. I haven’t shot landscapes in a long time. That is really very ironic since I started out in photography many years ago with landscapes being my favorite subject to shoot.

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Christol Shoot

I haven’t posted anything in quite a while so I decided to post some shots from a shoot I did back in February.

Makeup Artist: Christol
Photographer: Robert Henry
Model: Christol

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Rose-Marie Hudson Makeup Shoot

I did this shoot last year to help showcase Rose-Marie’s makeup artistry. View the full article to see all the images.

Makeup Artist: Rose-Marie Hudson
Photographer: Robert Henry
Jewelry by: Claudine Thompson
Models: Tashari DaSliva, Terace DaSliva Segre, Colesha Mahoney, Tanya

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Sigma Corporate Run 2011

I usually end up at a lot of corporate events. One of the more enjoyable ones is the annual Sigma Corporate Run event. It is a great charity event that usually attracts a sizable crowd.

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Canon rant: Do you use the center AF point only or the others as well?

DISCLAIMER: This is a purely technical article relating to photographic equipment.

I have habitually become accustomed to using the center auto focus point only on my canon bodies, namely, an EOS 400D and an EOS 5D. This forces the all so famous, “focus and recompose” technique. If used in this manner with these older bodies, it sometimes screws with the flash exposure accuracy. Continue reading →


Thought for today: It is generally not a good idea to get two and a half hours sleep before waking up and going to work.

More to come…

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Welcome to my blog. Its 3:11am now so I will post something tomorrow when I am awake.

Sunrise Image